Founded in 1980, Enercon Group, Inc. provides the petroleum and maritime industries with a full range of consulting, technical and training services around the world.  


Dynamic Expertise
Whether the need is in the areas of oil loss control, measurement, transportation, logistics, counter-trade, contracts,  training, or management and operations, we focus on meeting our clients' needs and objectives while providing custom-tailored quality service.


Effective Results
We go well beyond the traditional roles of the desk-bound consultant and most times act as extensions of our clients in the field, office, or at the negotiating table. We thereby effectively increase the client's productivity and staff capability without their having the associated increase in fixed overhead of adding permanent staff to tackle the problems. We work independently or in close conjunction with our client's personnel as needed, in their offices or ours.


Professional Staff
Because we work in dynamic, ever-changing industries, our staff of uniquely qualified professionals continually improves their skills and effectiveness through education, practical field experience, client input, and by maintaining leadership roles within the industry. This allows us to offer our clients the best options available to meet their specific needs. Project requirements are carefully matched with the staff member's skills and location to allow the best level of service to be provided to the client.






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Energy Management and Marine Consultants

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