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  • Enercon Group Inc. (Enercon) has been providing consulting, technical and training services to the petroleum and maritime industries around the world since 1980.
  • Enercon's instructors are active within the API, ISO, OCIMF standards and operational procedural development groups.
  • Bruce Abugel, President and Founder, personally chairs several API and ISO working groups that develop and update standards for the measurement of oil, chemical and liquefied gas cargoes and, as such, coordinate all developments with representatives from the class societies--OCIMF, SIGTTO and GIIGNL.
  • All of Enercon's training is based on industry standards and current developments. Accordingly, our course materials are continually being updated, based on changes in the industry and input from our clients, making them most beneficial and practical to our participants.
  • Enercon's programs are presented from a broad industry perspective with no company or personal bias in any way.  We are not affiliated with any industry manufacturer or supplier.
  • We maintain flexibility to modify our in-house programs, as may be requested, to cover specific topics specially requested and beneficial to clients.  We can custom-tailor any of our programs to meet your specific training needs.
  • We run the participants through realistic exercises based on real-life incidents.  Many of our courses engage the participants in a mock arbitration of a demurrage case and/or an incident investigation/root cause analysis of an actual shipwreck/oil spill.
  • Our Advanced Demurrage course offers discussion of real-life demurrage/operational situations exposing the group to the prevailing industry perspective of how such situations are perceived and handled and/or how a client might handle such situations based on their company's corporate philosophy and policies.
  • Clients do not need to purchase proprietary computer programs or hardware from Enercon and can apply principles learned from our programs to their jobs immediately upon completion of their respective course (s).




Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors present relevant industry fundamentals and technical essentials in a clear, engaging and interactive manner--course participants can apply what they learn to their jobs immediately.

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