Course Topics

This two-day course covers the topics you need to better understand the more complex issues of oil tanker operations and management, such as:

  • Implementation of New Marpol Regulations

  • Return of the Pirates - Precautions and

  • Tanker Management Self-Assessment - TMSA

  • Changes in ISGOTT Requirements

  • Ship's / Master's Business

  • Vetting - Questionnaires - Flag / Class Ratings

  • Master's / Management's Responsibilities / Liabilities

  • Single Hull Phase Out Schedules

  • General Performance Clauses / Requirements

  • Vessel Casualty Analysis - Flag / Class / Age

  • Discussion of Various Maritime Claims Issues

  • CAS / CAP - Expanded Structural Surveys

  • New Training Requirements / Facilities
    Methods / STCW Requirements

  • Ship Wrecks, Oil Spills and Regulations

  • The Human Factor of Tanker Operations

  • Double Hull vs. Alternate Hull Designs

  • How the Industry was Changed Due To
    Torrey Canyon - Amoco Cadiz - Exxon Valdez
    and Other Major Accidents / Oil Spills

  • Incident Investigation:  What is an Incident?
    Types of Incidents - Identify What, Why, How it happened
    - How to prevent it from happening again - Incident Reporting

  • Tank Cleaning Procedures - Special Cargoes
    and Requirements

  • Root Cause Analysis: Finding reasons for oil spills,
    Tanker accidents and ways to reduce them

Program Objective:  To study the links between catastrophes and industry regulations and to take an in-depth look at tanker operations, from new vessel designs to the implementation of the latest regulations and most everything in between.