Certification provides various benefits to the inspector and the user alike. Some examples include:

  • Provides an independent verification of surveyor's expertise & qualifications.
  • Confirmation of a surveyor's knowledge of basic terminal and safety requirements.
  • Recognizes the professionalism of the surveyor and his or her commitment to providing quality service.
  • Assures the surveyor's knowledge is kept current through a certification renewal process.
  • Complements ISO 9000 and ISM programs.


To provide a concise and practical review of the subjects involving petroleum cargo, measurement, loss control, operations and safety as well as the opportunity for qualified professionals to be certified as knowledgeable in the area of Inspection / Survey of Marine Petroleum Cargoes.



While this program is designed as a review session for preparation for taking the certification exam, anyone wishing to get a concise and relevant overview of the topics listed above will benefit from taking it.  In addition those taking the certification exam, managers, supervisors, vessel and terminal operators, vessel coordinators, loss control personnel and anyone else involved with the handling or accounting of petroleum volumes will find this program useful.

General Qualifications

Only qualified personnel will be allowed to take the exam for Petroleum Cargo Surveyor.  In general, the candidate must show evidence of at least 365 days experience, have successfully completed an approved training program (this review session is approved) and successfully pass the comprehensive exams described above.


Successful candidates will be certified as knowledgeable in the area of  Inspection / Survey of Marine Petroleum Cargoes by the International School for Inspectors of Petroleum.