Course Topics

This special interest course explains how Petroleum Cargoes, Refineries and Terminals, and Oil Tankers come together at the ship and the shore interface and details many aspects of each.

The course material closely follows the topics listed in ISGOTT – 5th Edition.  Topics covered are:

  • Cargoes Handled – their natures, potential dangers and precautions pertaining to custody transfer

  • Ships Handling of Cargoes – what they do, how they do it and what safety measures they should be aware of and take – and be sure the vessel personnel know the same

  • Shore Operations and Terminals/Refineries – how cargoes are loaded, discharged, stored, measured and maintained

  • Safety Issues of Cargo Handling, Ship and Shore – including appropriate laws, regulations, procedures, policies and standards

  • ISGOTT – Part 4 – Management of the Tanker and Terminal Interface:
    - Communication
    - Mooring
    - Precautions on Ship and Terminal during Cargo Handling
    - Bunkering Operations
    - Safety Management
    - Guidelines for Completing the Ship/Shore Safety Check Lists - Safety - Bunkering - Measurement, etc.

Program Objective:  To raise the awareness of the participant to the importance of proper ship and shore interface during cargo operations… as well as the critical impact the personnel conducting the key meetings and those in attendance can have--both before loading and discharging of the vessel--making the difference between a good and safe custody transfer or a possible catastrophe.